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    Wednesday, 6 March 2019

    Interview with 'O Jewa Ke eng' Originator Keabetswe Jan; Talks about the meaning and more || @akreana_

    Keabetswe Jan

    It’s no more news that ‘O Jewa Ke eng is a way of expressing what’s bothering you, but the news here is getting to know the Originator better and what prompted her to ask such question. In an Interview with CEO Exclusiveclue Abayomi Adekunle (Lexzai Exclusiveclue), Keabetswe Jan widely known as Akreana on Twitter took us on a journey on what made her ask the question “O Jewa Ke eng and how it changed people’s lives for better.

    Please tell us more about you
    My name is Keabetswe Jan. I Finished Matric last year, currently studying Nursing and also working part-time at a Local Occupational Health Clinic.

    What does 'O Jewa Ke eng' means in English?
    “What’s eating you?” which can also be regarded for a latter “What’s bothering you?”

    What was the motivation behind O jewa ke on Twitter?
    I’m always all about knowing how people are doing and how they’re feeling, what they want in life and all about them expressing themselves. So I tweeted “O jewa ke eng” with the genuine intention of knowing what was eating/bothering people.

    As a brand influencer, who's your mentor?
    My mom is my mentor, she literally guides me in the best possible directions, I can turn to her whenever things are taking a toll on me, whenever I need advice or whenever I myself need someone to talk or vent to. She’s also the most supportive person in my life.

    Have you received any criticism concerning 'O Jewa Ke eng?'
    Absolutely! People wanting the tweet to be deleted because they found it annoying, which I found ironic because whenever someone commits suicides it’s always a case of, “why didn’t he/she say anything”, but when they wanted to say something they were shut down.
    I didn’t let that get to me, I didn’t delete the tweet, and I allowed people to use the platform of expressing their feelings whenever they had something that was bothering them.

    If you received a proposal from a media house? Would you be willing to join to support humanity?
    Yes I would.
    Keabetswe Jan

    Keabetswe Jan

    Stories of rape trauma, painful infidelity, loneliness, and every kind of misfortune cascaded from 'O Jewa Ke eng', has any law firm messaged you concerning how to get in touch with the victims involved?
    No, but victims have been advised to open cases and do something about their situations/cases. Psychologist and people that are willing to also listen to people’s problems have asked victims to DM them and talk further about their problems and find possible solutions etc.

    Apart from being a brand influencer? What are your hobbies? Or what do you do have the passion for and also fetch you money
    I’m a netball player, wing attack, and also a promoter, promoting videos, businesses, and parties. I’m also a magazine ambassador, @AyanaMagazine_, a digital online magazine that’s about women empowerment and aims to deal with issues women face on a daily.
    Keabetswe Jan

    You said you are willing to take up a job at a media house? Does that mean you're seeking for a job?
    No, I’m already working as an assistant nurse, to also gain experience as I’m studying nursing, at a health clinic. But I am willing to take up something that doesn’t require me to be there full-time, for example, a job that just wants me to be their content creator, bring ideas for support for humanity, etc.

    What would you like to say about this Interview session on Exclusiveclue? A miss or a hit?
    A hit! Very professional and straight to the point.

    Thank you for making this interview possible

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