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    Tuesday, 12 March 2019

    Meet The Man Behind The Lagos Drone Footage Compilations (See Photos) || @JustDebola

    If they told you Lagos is as beautiful as this, would you believe? Meet the talented Lagos based cinematographer who dropped the beautiful pictures of Third Mainland Bridge that got people talking. Ajala Adebola is popularly known as @JustDebola on Twitter, he's a communicator and adventurist. In an interview with CEO Exclusiveclue Abayomi Adekunle,  he told us the motivation behind what he has been doing and his plans to drop more footages of beautiful places in Nigeria.

    Know him better below:

    Please tell us your name and educational background
    My name is Ajala Adebola, I studied mass communication in Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH).

    What motivated you to start capturing places with drones?
    As regards what I studied, I figured I didn’t have deep passion for news writing which was what we were mostly taught and I loved Digital broadcast classes, I always looked forward to it. I had a lengthy conversation with my lecturer and afterwards, I figured what my part was to be. I joined the media team in church, spent hours learning different types of equipment and how it was being used etc. I learnt video editing which was what I majored learning while I was in the media team. I wanted to learn the production aspect so I went for several seminars and training to learn more, watched YouTube videos etc.

    Upon Checking some comments on your Twitter page, some people thought it was because you have nothing doing? What can you say about this?
    No, that’s not true. After the election was postponed I knew had it in mind that I wanted to shoot the empty bridge with cars on it as there would be no movement. I had it all planned in my head. I told a couple of friends but they didn’t seem to understand what the picture was like in my head.
    The presidential election day I forgot two of my propellers in the office so I couldn’t fly the drone I knew I had another opportunity I didn’t want to miss so I went for it and I’m glad I did.

    Did you have any knowledge about photography before you started using drones?
    Yes, I did have the photography knowledge but I’m more of a videographer than a photographer.

    As a communicator, why didn't you go for your what you had passion for?
    I’m still in my field as far as I’m concerned, I’m still communicating with my pictures and videos to 1 or a large number of people which is the idea in the first place. I’m not so much of a talker or a writer so I figured I could do the talking with images either still or motion.

    Mrs Kemi Olunloyo helped you with some tags on the pictures, have you guys contacted each other before?
    I was very excited when I saw her tweet and I could relate to what she said about her journalism career. She has helped me push on the images with brought more audience and followers and as she said, she will help me spread it which she did and I’m grateful for.

    With her good comment on your page, did you find it motivating and is she ready to support you?
    Yes I found it very motivating, we’ve not spoken yet so I don’t know so much yet about that

    Which other places do you want to capture and why?
    There’s this road that leads to Lafia from Makurdi, I was on a trip that day taking the road and I pictured how it was going to look like, very curvy and beautiful, it’s something I'd love to capture, there are so many places in Nigeria and outside the country I'd love to capture and frame.

    Apart from using drones to capture beautiful places, what other things can you use your drones for?
    My type of drone is mainly for pictures and video, it can’t carry farm tools yet, Lol!

    People suggested that the drones could be used as 'security' and should be protected. Do you think it would serve as threats to people?
    Well, I don’t really know about using drones for security reasons, that’s another aspect entirely.

    Apart from being a cinematographer, what other things do you know how to do?
    Photography and a little bit or makeup artistry.

    Have you received any negative comment about what you're currently doing?
    Not really negative but funny question of people asking what I will do if my drone falls into the water from the sky and other funny questions.

    You've taken this as an adventure, are you planning on monetizing it very soon?
    I monetized it already, I just need more clients so to show them whatever they want to see from an aerial view.

    Are you planning on having a media house or joining one very soon?
    Having a media house is a whole lot expensive and stressful. I’ll rather work in an international media house or film studio.

    Is there anybody you're looking up to as a motivator?
    Yes, Peter McKinnon a pro cinematographer and YouTube vlogger and Matti Hapoja Pro Cinematographer and drone pilot.

    What do you think about this session on Exclusiveclue?
    I find this really exciting, refreshing and fun. Thank you for having me.

    Click HERE to subscribe to Debola's Youtube Channel for more Beautiful Drone Compilations and also connect with him on Twitter: @JustDebola

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