• Should I let My Partner Pick out Their Own Engagement Ring?

  • Should I let My Partner Pick out Their Own Engagement Ring?

    So you've been trying to buy a ring for weeks but have been having trouble selecting one you think they'll like and you are FRUSTRATED! And now you're thinking, should I just ask my partner to marry me and let her pick out an engagement ring herself or where can i buy engagement rings?
    This particular question is particularly common among indecisive and soon-to-be proposers. It's perfectly normal to be a bit nervous about selecting a ring for your significant other. A lot of people are haunted by the forced smile which would be on his/her face when we present an unsuitable or one that is not good enough.  Fortunately, you'll never actually have to see that expression, as this post can help you decide on what to do.
    Realize that anyone who would say ‘no' due to a ring they do not like is wrong for you.
    A ring is just a symbol of love and not love itself. If situations were reversed and they had to propose to you, would your answer depend on the ring they offered? It would be much better to try your best to surprise your partner than to give up and ruin the surprise.
    Pick out a returnable ring
    The ring doesn't dictate their response; they do. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, ensure that whatever choice you make can be returned to the sellers. That way, if they eventually decide they don't like it, it can go right back to where it's coming from. Better safe than sorry
    Pay attention to their sense of fashion
    To minimize the risk of rejection, scrutinize his/her wardrobe. Do the majority of her clothes lean towards flashy? Does he prefer gold or titanium chains? Can you usually describe her dressing as ‘simple but stunning'?  All of these should be considered before you go shopping. That way you can look smug and say "lucky guess" when she goes, "oh, how did you know I love emeralds?"
    Take along a friend
    If you're not very good at observing things, you can take someone with you. Drag along her sister, his best friend, her mom or anyone you know will be able to make a useful or (dare we hope) perfect contribution to the search. Trust us, their presence will be a relief.

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