• 5 Smart Ways To Avoid Ticket Cutting
  • 5 Smart Ways To Avoid Ticket Cutting

    Ticket cutting; the sand in the garri of every bettor and the kryptonite to every bettor's Superman. Having your ticket cut can be extremely annoying. It even gets painful if the ticket had high potential winnings and was cut by the last game. Occurrences like that hurt on another level.
    Unfortunately, ticket cutting is part of betting. You are meant to predict what will happen and not what has happened and so, if you do not have a time machine, it is impossible to be absolutely certain. 
    However, despite the fact that ticket cutting is part of betting, there are some ways to reduce it. It is not possible to eliminate it totally, but you can do your best to reduce it. 
    In this article, we’ll be considering 5 smart ways you can avoid your ticket getting cut.

    1. Bet on Unders and Overs

    Unders and Overs are one of the easiest and safest games to carry. Unders and overs simply mean that you're predicting the minimum or the maximum number of goals that would be scored. If you bet over 0.5, you're saying that the match will have a minimum of a single goal. This means that if there is a goal, two, three, or more, the ticket has entered.  
    If you bet under 5.5, you are simply saying that in that match, there will be less than six goals. This means that if there are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 goals, you're good to go.
    Of course, the odds are not always high for these types of games when they are available. What you can do is to invest heavily in combining games. When you combine games, even the smallest odd is to your favor.  You cannot go wrong this way.

    Research on past match statistics

    This is extremely important. If one looks well enough, you will definitely see a trend or similarity when you check the stats of each past match played by a team. 
    Even when the team changes coaches mid-season and the new coach comes with a different ideology, the changes will ever be immediate. It will be a gradual process. 
    As a bettor, this is to your advantage. Before you stake on any game, check the previous stats. Compare possession, shots or target, passes, and goal kicks. It should give you a clear foresight of what is to come.
    The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. When you have teams with similar ratings, you will need these stats in order to predict what the match is likely to be like.
    This is why you're very likely to hear seasoned bettors saying 'no, they won't score in the first half. It's in the second half when they substitute XYZ that he would work well with ABC and goals will come'. All these come from studying, and analysis, and more studying.

    Follow your head

    The heart has no place in betting. If you wake up feeling like betting on a particular game, that should not dictate to you. Before you even consider it well, check the match out. 
    Do not bet on an unlikely outcome because you felt like it. Yes, some people have won in such ways but even many more people have failed. We have about 95 percent of people who have had such feelings and failed in comparison with the 5 percent who didn't fail.
    Sports betting is not a game of feeling. Rather, it is a game of logical predictions that come as a result of professional and experienced analysis.  
    Before you place a bet, ensure that the outcome is likely enough. If you have a game that is 60-40 and you have decided to take a risk, watch the stake you place on it. Never stake an amount you cannot afford to lose. 
    Remember, the best bettors are those who are able to reason and not those who are given to feelings.

    Be Patient

    If you have some extra cash that you intend to turn over through betting, it can be hard to be patient especially when you need it urgently. The best thing to do is to remember that the moment you place a bet, there is no going back and so even if you see that perfect game, you cannot bet on it unless you source another stake.
    Patience is a trait all successful people have; develop it. If you ever find yourself needing to turn some money over through betting, go for games with smaller odds and compile them on your ticket.
    Avoid betting on single game s with high odds. Multiple tickets are more feasible and less heart-wrenching. Patience is important in betting, if you want to be successful, you have to be able to decide in yourself that you will not bet if there are no good games.

    Bet During Weekends

    Most interesting leagues in various sports play on weekends. This is so that their fans can make time to watch. 
    A game scheduled for 3 pm on Monday can never have as much of a crowd as one scheduled for 8pm on a Sunday or Saturday. Due to this, the weekends are always packed. 
    From Tuesday or Wednesday, you should begin to scout out these games. Having time on your hands would help you get the best games are there would be no rush involved. 
    It is smart to know, however, that the weekend belongs to bettors.

    Final Thoughts

    Betting is a game of prediction. This means that it is not certain. There is no way to predict a particular outcome with 100 percent assurance. Anything can happen. The best we can do is try to know as much as we can.
    However, one mistake a lot of bettors make is trying to play ‘safe bets. If you’re going to win, you won’t win from safe bets alone. 

    You must learn to take risks. We are not speaking of baseless risks but even if a game is 50-50, some times the best thing to do is to take the risk. Bettors are risk-takers.

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