• 6 Things Expert Bettors Don’t Do
  • 6 Things Expert Bettors Don’t Do

    There are a lot of differences between a professional bettor and an amateur bettor. Professional bettors, on one hand, are experienced and successful bettors. Amateur bettors are newbies and rookies who are yet to gain sufficient experience. 
    Due to the experience factor, amateur bettors and professional bettors run things a little differently. In this post, we’ll be discussing some things that professional bettors do not do under any circumstances.

    1. Try to cover losses

    There are some days when losses are more visible than wins. You can start out Friday night with five thousand Naira and by Sunday afternoon, you’re down to two hundred Naira.
    At that point, a lot of people would experience panic and even sadness. This happens to both professional and amateur bettors. However, the difference lies in how they handle it. 
    A professional bettor would search out any almost ‘sure’ game. Even if the odds are low, a professional would stake on it order to raise the money a bit. If a professional doesn’t come across any sure game, he ends the betting with the two hundred Naira still intact. During the days that ensue, he will dedicate his time to finding good games. The next week is usually more favorable.
    An amateur would handle this very differently. They usually try to cover their losses. An amateur bettor would go ahead and credit his account with an extra five hundred and seek out games with high odds so that he can get back half or his entire initial stake.
    Such decisions usually end in tears. Trying to cover your losses in a desperate move is never smart. If you feel desperate, it is time to put an end to your betting for that period. This is why you should never stake with money that you cannot afford to lose.

    2. Bet based on odds

    Betting is a game of odds but betting because of the odds attached is not a professional thing to do. If Manchester United and Liverpool are to play in Anfield, when you consider Liverpool’s history, you can be 99 percent assured of the outcome. 
    The bookmakers too such as betbonanza will be assured of this outcome and so the odds of Manchester winning could be 5.0. This means that a single stake of ten thousand could land you a massive win of fifty thousand. 
    A professional bettor would smile and walk past while an amateur would consider and may even fully stake on such a game because of the potential win. Such moves must not be made.

    3. Depend on luck

    Betting is not a game of luck. It is a game of odds and prediction. Any successful bettor you see is most likely a product of years of practice and experience and not luck.
    Counting on luck is something experienced bettors do not do. If you do not believe that your bet is ‘sure’ enough, let it go. Depend on statistics and logical predictions and not luck or else, you’d be sorely disappointed. 

    4. Stick to one sport

    There is no good reason why a bettor should not test other waters. Professional bettors understand this. If you've never bet on more than one sport type, you are not a professional bettor.
    There are a lot of sports available that offer high odds. These various sports have advantages to them that can be properly utilized by a bettor. As a bettor, you should try as much as possible to test other waters.  When you bet on other sports, your knowledge broadens and you can always learn new tactics to develop, imbibe and make money from.
    Apart from trying various sports, you can also attempt to try casino games or virtual games. Casino games are another form of betting but they are more diverse in nature. Virtual games are your normal sports but played by robots. 
    These game types win bettors money regularly. You could be next so, make sure you do not sleep on them.

    5. Bet once in a while

    Think about betting like a sport itself. There is definitely a difference between someone who makes sure to train every day and someone who waits until the night before a match.
    When you practice something regularly, you become better and it is no different from betting. Professional bettors do not bet once in a while. Each day, they have plans to bet or are betting.
    If you want to ditch the amateur bettor status, it is important that you make time to be or meditate about betting.
    This is another advantage of betting on various sports. Even if your main sport doesn’t have many games, you can always bet on other sports and gain experience.

    6. Bet recklessly

    The last thing on our list is betting recklessly. If you've ever won thousands from a small stake, you can understand how refreshing it feels.
    This is why bettors play; in order to win. However, even though winning is important, careful consideration of your experience, resources, and the current status is extremely important.
    Think about it this way, most football players enjoy what they do but if they are injured or cannot okay, they will be benched. Despite their love, what they have to offer on the pitch at that period is of extreme importance.
    Similarly, although the joy and exhilarating feeling we get from betting are important, winning is 'important'.
    This is why bettors are advised to set a maximum amount that would be used on betting. By exercising self-control, bettors should set and follow that amount. 
    In betting, the smallest stakes have been used to make millions. This shows that it is not the stake amount that matters but what you actually staked on.

    Final Thoughts 

    The most important thing is to ensure you push further to improve. The professionals are the ones making more money off betting and you can be part of this too.

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